Will A Brow Lift Change The Shape Of My Eyes?

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When the first signs of aging begin to appear, which typically happens on the face, it is normal to feel somewhat discouraged. Fortunately, fine lines and wrinkles can often be improved with nonsurgical treatment options. However, when deeper lines and more severe signs of facial aging start to develop, it may be time to explore your surgical options.

One of the most frustrating concerns for both men and women alike is a drooping brow. If your friends and family have mentioned that you are looking angry, tired, or simply worn out, but you feel just fine, it may be due to a descending brow. Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Couvillion and the knowledgeable team at Luminary Plastic Surgery are proud to offer the most innovative, effective, and long-lasting brow lift options available to help Houston, TX patients refresh their look and turn back the clock. Find out more about brow lift surgery here, including how it works, what your options are, and whether or not it may alter the shape or appearance of your eyes as well.

What is a brow lift?

As we age, the fatty tissue of the brow often begins to descend on the face, creating a stern, angry, fatigued appearance in many cases. Brow lift surgery is a cosmetic anti-aging procedure that raises the brow line for a more awake, refreshed, youthful look. Deep forehead lines, furrows, and other concerns can be improved and even corrected with a brow lift. In addition, a brow lift can be used to shorten the distance between the hairline and eyebrows for patients who have a large forehead.

How is a brow lift done?

One of the most exciting aspects of brow lift is that there are multiple surgical methods possible, meaning the procedure can be custom-tailored to meet each patient’s specific needs and goals. Dr. Couvillion is well-versed in the complexities and characteristics of each brow lift approach and will carefully evaluate your anatomy and concerns to determine which method is most appropriate for you. The most common brow lift techniques, which are identified by the type of incision used, include:

  • Coronal: A coronal brow lift involves an incision on the top of the head that runs nearly from ear to ear and is hidden deep within the hairline. A beveled incision technique is used, allowing hair to grow through the incision and, ultimately, conceal the scar. The coronal brow lift is beneficial for patients with a sagging brow as well as frown lines.

  • Hairline incision: Using an incision that runs along the hairline itself, a more dramatic and precise lift can be achieved. However, it is important that this approach is reserved for patients who have little risk for hairline recession in the future, which could potentially allow the scar to become visible.

  • Temporal: The temporal browplasty, also known as a lateral brow lift, is a wonderful option for patients who have sagging or drooping of the outer brow. This can often cause the eyebrows to have a downturned, sad appearance. In addition, lateral brow lift can help with Crow’s feet around the eyes.

  • Endoscopic: An endoscopic forehead lift or brow lift involves several small incisions set back beyond the hairline and the use of an endoscope to perform the surgery, reposition the brow, and place sutures. The recovery from endoscopic brow lift is often less extensive than the more invasive approaches.

Does a brow lift change the shape of your eyes?

Brow lift is not designed to alter the shape of the eyes themselves. However, when the brow is manipulated, it often results in a change in the appearance of the eye. For example, when a temporal brow lift is performed to address the outer corners of the brow, patients may perceive a difference in the shape of their eyes as well, as the skin and underlying tissue are lifted.

Can a brow lift fix hooded eyes?

Patients who have excess skin or fat that hangs from the upper eyelid and impedes their field of vision, or is simply a cosmetic nuisance, often wonder if a brow lift can help. In many cases, a brow lift can indeed result in a more open eye shape and remove the heaviness of hooded eyes.

Do I need blepharoplasty or brow lift?

Both blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and brow lift can address concerns such as hooded eyes, so it can, understandably, be confusing to determine which procedure is right for you. During your initial consultation in Houston, TX, Dr. Couvillion will carefully evaluate your face, discuss your concerns and goals, and recommend a surgical plan that is most appropriate for your specific needs. Oftentimes, blepharoplasty and brow lift are actually performed simultaneously for an even more stunning outcome. Additionally, injectable wrinkle relaxers or fillers may further enhance the results of your eyelid or brow lift surgery and help give you your ideal eye shape.

Transform your look with brow lift surgery in Houston, TX

If you have had enough of people telling you that you look angry, tired, or older than you really are, we invite you to call the friendly team at Luminary Plastic Surgery to learn more about your options for Houston, TX brow lift surgery. Call today to schedule your private consultation with experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Couvillion, and take the first step toward a more refreshed, youthful, beautiful look!

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