Does Teenage Gynecomastia Go Away For Good?

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Being a teenager is not always easy. Teens regularly experience changes in their bodies due to adolescence and fluctuating hormones. For those suffering from gynecomastia, those teenage years can be especially tricky. Gynecomastia causes enlarged male breasts, leading to feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness. Luminary Plastic Surgery is proud to provide solutions for young patients who want to address this issue.

So what causes gynecomastia in teens, and does this condition eventually resolve on its own? While teenage gynecomastia could be temporary, families with questions should visit with a skilled plastic surgeon for information. Dr. Ryan Couvillion can perform an assessment and let you know how to treat gynecomastia, if possible. To discover the benefits of gynecomastia surgery in Houston, TX, reach out for a private consultation.

What causes gynecomastia in teens?

So, what causes gynecomastia in teens? When teenagers experience an increase in testosterone production, these hormonal imbalances sometimes lead to enlarged breast tissue. It is common for teenage gynecomastia to appear and disappear as the changes to their bodies become permanent. If your teen is bothered by the appearance of their chest, they can get an assessment from a trusted physician.

When meeting with Dr. Couvillion, our staff can perform tests and determine the cause of the gynecomastia. This allows us to make the right recommendations moving forward. While many patients see positive results from gynecomastia surgery, this treatment may be put off until a later date. Some teenagers want to wait until they have reached full maturity before turning to surgical solutions. Otherwise, the enlarged tissue is likely to return.

What is gynecomastia surgery?

The techniques chosen for male breast reduction surgery depend on the size of the breast tissue. During gynecomastia surgery in Houston, TX, we may remove a small amount of fat with liposuction if the case is mild. Patients with larger amounts of glandular tissue will have it surgically removed through incisions. Dr. Couvillion personalizes each treatment plan based on your needs and cosmetic goals. Afterward, the staff at Luminary Plastic Surgery will offer post-surgical guidelines and instructions to make a recovery at home easier.

Can gynecomastia return?

Hormones are not the only cause of gynecomastia. Future weight fluctuations and certain medications may also lead to enlarged male breasts. Once we understand the source of your condition, we can determine whether it is temporary or likely to return. When we decide to treat patients with surgery, our staff will make suggestions, such as living a healthy lifestyle and stopping any medications, that may have led to gynecomastia in the first place.

Address enlarged male breasts in Houston

Luminary Plastic Surgery generally encourages teenage gynecomastia patients to wait until they are fully developed to seek surgical solutions. That said, if your condition is causing emotional distress, male breast reduction procedures could restore your confidence and self-esteem once again. Plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Couvillion is proud to help individuals achieve a masculine-looking chest at his clinic in Houston, TX. If you are frustrated with gynecomastia, we invite you to contact our facility today and schedule a personalized consultation.

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