Do I Need Both A Brow Lift And A Facelift?

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If you’re like most people in their 40s, 50s, or 60s, you have likely begun to notice progressive signs of aging on your face. Lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin are among the most common and frustrating side effects of aging and can often make men and women look – and feel – older than they actually are. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery offers patients a wide variety of exciting solutions for turning back the clock and restoring a more youthful, refreshed appearance. Without a doubt, a facelift is one of the most effective cosmetic procedures to combat the signs of aging, giving patients dramatic and long-lasting results when performed correctly. However, the most stunning transformations are often achieved when a custom-tailored combination of procedures is used.

Talented and experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Couvillion, along with the professional team at Luminary Plastic Surgery, are proud to offer the most innovative and cutting-edge techniques and procedures available to help Houston, TX facelift patients achieve their ideal outcome. Read on to learn more about the various facial surgeries that can help you look and feel your best, including facelift, brow lift, and more, and find out which procedure(s) may be the most appropriate for you.

Do I need a facelift or a brow lift?

A common misconception about facelift surgery is that it addresses the entire face. In reality, a true facelift is designed to focus on the lower two-thirds of the face and improve concerns such as sagging jowls, nasolabial folds, and more. Brow lift, on the other hand, targets the upper portion of the face. In fact, many patients who come to our office for a facelift consultation find out that a brow lift, or another procedure, may actually be a better fit for their concerns.

It can, understandably, be confusing and even overwhelming to determine which cosmetic procedure is most appropriate to fit your specific needs and goals. Consulting with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon is an essential part of deciding which procedure(s) will provide you the maximum benefit. During your initial Houston, TX facelift consultation at Luminary Plastic Surgery, Dr. Couvillion will carefully evaluate your facial features, discuss your areas of concern, and recommend a customized surgical plan that can help you best achieve your ultimate goals with the most stunning, long-lasting results possible.

What does a facelift do?

To determine which cosmetic facial surgery is right for you, it is critical to understand what each procedure can do. Facelift surgery primarily addresses and improves concerns on the lower two-thirds of the face through skin, fat, and tissue removal, as well as muscle manipulation. Oftentimes, lost volume in the cheeks or lips is restored during a facelift using a complementary treatment, such as facial fat grafting or injectable dermal fillers. Some of the most notable signs of aging that can be improved or corrected with a traditional facelift include:

  • Tired or run down appearance
  • Drooping jowls
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Excess skin and fat
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Downturned mouth

What does a brow lift do?

Unlike a facelift, which focuses on the lower portion of the face, a brow lift utilizes skin tightening, excision, and muscle manipulation to enhance the upper part of the face, including these common complaints:

  • Angry, tired appearance
  • Forehead lines and wrinkles
  • Heavy brow
  • Drooping eyebrows

Can I get a facelift and brow lift at the same time?

Absolutely. Many patients choose to combine multiple facial procedures into a single surgery in order to achieve the most dramatic results and obviate the need for multiple procedures, back-to-back recoveries, and expensive surgical fees. Brow lift and blepharoplasty – or eyelid surgery – are often performed in conjunction with facelift surgery to address concerns across the entire face, top to bottom. However, some patients – particularly younger men and women in their 40s and 50s – may be able to achieve their ideal outcome from an isolated procedure, such as brow lift, and the subsequent use of injectable dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers before a more extensive surgery may be needed in the future.

Is there a nonsurgical alternative to a facelift?

For patients who may not be ready, willing, or able to go under the knife just yet, there are a variety of nonsurgical and minimally invasive anti-aging treatments that can help provide a more refreshed, youthful, vibrant appearance, including:

If you are interested in a nonsurgical facial rejuvenation option, talk to our friendly team about these options and more. It is important to keep in mind that, while nonsurgical treatments can certainly be valuable, the most impressive and longest-lasting results are typically achieved through surgical procedures.

What is the best age to consider a facelift in Houston, TX?

Because we all age at different rates and have varying lifestyles and financial situations, there is truly no “best” age for facelift surgery. Most commonly, patients in their 50s, 60s, and 70s begin to notice lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity that are escaping the control of nonsurgical methods, making this a popular age range for facelift surgery. However, facial surgery is a highly individualized undertaking, and with the wide variety of procedures available, patients can benefit from facial cosmetic surgery at nearly any age.

To learn more about a facelift, brow lift, and other life-changing treatments and procedures that can finally give you the stunning, youthful look you want, call the friendly team at Luminary Plastic Surgery to schedule your Houston, TX cosmetic surgery consultation with Dr. Ryan Couvillion. Don’t spend another year wishing you could turn back the clock; call us today, and find out how you can look up to ten years younger!

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