Considering A Fat Transfer? Here is All You Need to Know

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We’d all like to be a bit slimmer, but losing weight and getting in great shape can be a tricky, time-consuming process. And even if it’s successful, there may be unforeseen consequences, such as a sagging or laxity of the skin, or a loss of shape or volume. Unfortunately, these undesirable consequences also inevitably occur as a result of aging.

But they don’t have to be permanent. A fat transfer can quickly undo these unaesthetic bodily effects by removing fat from irksome areas and using it to improve the parts needing a volumizing, tightening boost.

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What you can expect during a fat transfer procedure

Before the treatment begins, we’ll administer anesthesia to ensure your relaxation and comfort throughout the procedure. Though the exact type depends on the amount of fat harvested and the size of the areas to be treated.

Then, we harvest the fat via a type of liposuction that extracts fatty tissue using a cannula, or small medical tube. Next, we place the extracted fat into a centrifuge, which spins it to purify and separate it into its constituents. The healthiest of which are injected into the body parts that require treatment, layer by layer, and massaged, so it settles in place and looks perfectly natural.

The overall result is that you look almost instantly slimmer, as fat has been removed from troublesome areas. At the same time, you’ll boast voluminous, tight skin with enviable contours and shape.

After the fat transfer, we’ll devise a personalized post-treatment plan for you, so you enjoy the best recovery process. The recuperation period varies, depending on the size of the treated area, from a few days to a few weeks or so. You will notice some swelling and redness, but there will be minimal scarring.

And if you’d like to learn more and explore your options, schedule a consultation with Dr. Couvillion today.

The benefits of fat transfer treatment

One significant advantage a fat transfer boasts over more conventional techniques, such as using dermal fillers, is that it’s an autologous process. This means it uses your own body tissues or fat in this case. As such, it’s safe, and there’s minimal risk of causing an adverse immune system response and resultant rejection.

It’s also equally effective almost anywhere on the body. It works wonderfully on larger body areas, like the buttocks or breasts, to help you achieve the voluptuous contours you fantasize about. A fat transfer can also provide youthful, natural-looking fullness in smaller areas, such as the hands, or the lips and cheeks, without the use of fillers or implants.

And the results are almost immediately noticeable in both areas being treated. The region from which fat is removed will appear leaner and more svelte. And the region where it’s transferred will quickly become more shapely, graceful, and well-proportioned.

Whether you’d like to erase the signs of aging from your face or body, a fat transfer is a safe and effective choice. It erases lines, smoothes wrinkles, and replicates breast and butt lifts, and eradicates the signs of aging from your (always visible) hands.

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