Comparing Different Facelift Procedures Offered in Houston

You can't stop time, but you can achieve a more youthful-looking face. Every year, numerous men and women choose cosmetic surgery to minimize common signs of aging such as wrinkles and loose skin. A facelift focuses on key areas of the face for a softer, smoother appearance. At Luminary Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX, Dr. Ryan Couvillion uses advanced techniques for all facelift procedures performed at his facility.

One of the best ways to determine if you are ready for a facelift is to examine the benefits as well as the various options. Dr. Couvillion is an experienced plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for the breasts, body, face, and skin. He takes the time to understand your facial anatomy to produce a natural result that looks like you. Find out more about the different types of facelift options by scheduling a private consultation at our Houston office.

Candidates for a facelift

Facelifts are popular with men and women who are concerned about visible lines and sagging facial features in the upper, mid, or lower sections of the face. Individuals who take care of their skin and are in good overall health are ideal candidates for facelift surgery. Dr. Couvillion also looks to see that potential facelift patients have healthy facial skin with good elasticity before moving forward with the surgical process.

Age doesn’t always dictate the right time to have a facelift. Patients as young as their 40s can be candidates for surgery, as well as individuals in their 60s and 70s. However, those who suffer from certain medical conditions may not be suitable for this procedure. Patients who use any form of nicotine are not recommended for surgery since they are more at risk for complications during and after the facelift. During your initial meeting, Dr. Couvillion will learn about your medical history and determine if a facelift is right for you. He will also help you have realistic expectations about the surgical outcome.

Types of facelifts

Generally, all facelift surgeries are performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia. An incision is made in the hairline in front of and above the ears, wrapping around the back of the ears. The deeper layers of the face and neck are tightened, and the skin is repositioned in a natural manner. Dr. Couvillion will place a temporary drainage tube to decrease swelling. We also monitor you overnight in the hospital before releasing you to a responsible family member or friend.

Though most patients see the most dramatic results from a traditional facelift, the final decision of what type of facelift will be the best fit for you will be made during your consultation with Dr. Couvillion. The types of facelifts offered include a traditional/full facelift, a mini facelift, and a neck lift, which are explained in more detail below.

Traditional or full facelift procedure

A traditional facelift aims to give patients a more youthful appearance by tightening the bottom third of the face. This procedure is normally chosen when individuals have sagging skin that affects the jowls and neck. Dr. Couvillion reshapes the lower half of the face by elevating the deep structure underlying the skin, trimming away excess skin before smoothing it down. With this specialized technique, we can level out wrinkles and accentuate your natural features. This is by far the most common procedure, as it gives the most harmonious final result.

Mini facelift procedure

To create a smoother appearance and refine your facial features, our clinic can also address minimal excess skin of the face with a mini facelift. A mini facelift procedure is less extensive than a traditional facelift but is still considered a cosmetic surgery treatment. In this procedure, Dr. Couvillion uses shorter incisions than a traditional facelift, but the neck is generally not addressed. Most patients are not ideal candidates for this procedure, as the recovery time is about the same as a full facelift and a full facelift allows for a more comprehensive final result.

Necklift procedure

If there is excess skin of the neck but minimal skin laxity of the face, a necklift may be a good surgical option. This surgery is performed with shorter incisions than a traditional facelift, but still requires a comparable recovery period. To determine if you are a candidate for this surgery, Dr. Couvillion will assess your facial proportions and personal goals.

Nonsurgical facelift options

While moderate to severe sagging requires surgical intervention, a nonsurgical facelift can offer smaller, less invasive improvements. During your consultation, Dr. Couvillion can discuss options like wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers. Also called a liquid facelift, nonsurgical treatments can help with the earliest signs of aging on a temporary basis. Patients can expect results to last about 1 – 2 years before requiring a touch-up treatment. Ask Dr. Couvillion about combining surgical and nonsurgical methods to enhance your overall results.

Facelift recovery

If you are wondering about the healing process following a facelift procedure, it is normal to experience some swelling and soreness, though side effects vary from patient to patient. Our knowledgeable team can prescribe pain medication and offer helpful advice about pain management before we begin surgery. At Luminary Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX, Dr. Couvillion suggests taking two weeks off from work and social events so you can rest and heal properly. We can also schedule your follow-up appointments and answer any questions you may have about recovery in-office.

Contact Dr. Couvillion

If you are considering a facelift procedure to turn back the hands of time, contact Luminary Plastic Surgery to schedule your private consultation. Our staff will help you understand the benefits and risks for each type of facelift, such as a full facelift or a mini facelift procedure. Dr. Ryan Couvillion and his team in Houston, TX, employ state-of-the-art aesthetic plastic surgery techniques to help patients reach their individual cosmetic goals. We provide a range of plastic surgery treatments and surgeries in a safe and comfortable environment.

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