Can Nonsurgical Cheek Augmentation Fix an Asymmetrical Face?

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When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you notice that some features don’t appear perfectly balanced on both sides of your face? This is called facial asymmetry, and almost everyone has some degree of it, thanks to their genetics. However, more pronounced facial asymmetry can occur with age as your cheeks begin to lose volume and firmness, giving you a hollow or sunken facial appearance.

One way to address facial asymmetry is through the use of dermal fillers to add plumpness and improve overall facial balance. Plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Couvillion is an expert in performing nonsurgical cheek augmentation with dermal fillers to restore facial volume and lift while improving symmetry. If you are interested in learning more about fixing asymmetrical facial features with nonsurgical cheek augmentation in Houston, TX, contact Luminary Plastic Surgery today to schedule an appointment.

How do you perform cheek augmentation without surgery?

To fill in sunken, hollow areas in your cheeks, Dr. Couvillion uses synthetic dermal fillers. For many years, his patients have gained consistent, reliable results from VOLUMA®, a hyaluronic acid-based filler from the JUVÉDERM® line of products. VOLUMA works to boost volume and add natural suppleness to your cheeks so that your face appears more proportionate.

Filler injections are done as an outpatient treatment that takes 20 – 30 minutes in our Houston, TX office. Dr. Couvillion will place the injections into the needed areas of your face to help you gain cheeks that appear more plump, rejuvenated, and youthful. Dermal fillers do not require downtime, so they’re an ideal option if you want to restore facial balance without undergoing surgery.

When will I see my nonsurgical cheek augmentation results?

Following your injections with the VOLUMA cheek filler, you may be able to see immediate improvements, but it can take some time for the filler to settle into your cheeks and fill in hollow areas of your face. You can expect to see your full results within about 1 – 2 weeks. Some patients experience mild facial tenderness and inflammation after their dermal filler injections, but this should only last a few days.

How long does VOLUMA last in the cheeks?

The results of JUVÉDERM VOLUMA can be seen for up to a year for most individuals. Some patients even find that the results last longer after several years of treatments. Dr. Couvillion will let you know how often you should get follow-up treatments to maintain your best results as part of your customized plan for nonsurgical cheek augmentation.

Restore volume in sagging cheeks in Houston, TX

If your face has lost its contour with age or you have flat or hollow cheeks that make you appear older than you really are, you could benefit from nonsurgical cheek augmentation using dermal fillers. Dr. Ryan Couvillion is an expert in performing filler injections to restore volume loss in the mid-face, which can effectively balance an asymmetrical face. To discover more about the benefits of nonsurgical cheek augmentation and see if you may be a great candidate, call Luminary Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX to book your consultation with Dr. Ryan Couvillion.

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